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Build, deploy and track text messaging programs.

Communicate Pro is a cloud-based, enterprise-level campaign management tool to build, deploy and track messaging programs.

Manage text messaging programs using any combination of SMS, MMS, Push or OTT through Communicate Pro, our cloud-based, enterprise-level campaign management tool. Leverage our APIs to easily integrate text messaging into your existing systems and applications.

74% of mobile marketers
feel that SMS is "highly
effective" when it is
integrated with a full
mobile marketing plan.
By comparison,
50% felt the same
when SMS is not

Extend your global reach the combination of our direct connections to more than 500 global carriers.

Extend your global reach.

The combination of our high-quality connections to more than 600 global carriers and our knowledge of carrier requirements and government regulations allows us to successfully deliver messages around the world to your subscribers.

The Numbers

People in over 185 countries can receive a message from the mGage platform.

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There’s a dark side to text messaging which has serious consequences for enterprises looking for a cheap deal to send SMS to customers and stakeholders. Learn about the importance of dependable routes in: Not All SMS Are Created Equal.

Send messages to subscribers across carriers with the immediacy you expect.

Connect to more than 600 global carriers.

Send messages to subscribers across carriers with the immediacy you expect.

Case Study

Delivering 150 million messages annually made a sizable impact on a leading national retailer's bottom line.

Successful delivery of time-sensitive messages led to the creation of more than 5 million consumer profiles, drove 150 million annual interactions, and resulted in an estimated 8 million in-store/online transactions.

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Going Beyond Tier 1 Aggregation

Your messaging partner should provide more than direct carrier connections. Here's what to look for.


Attract more new customers and better serve current ones.

Marketing Marketing, Design and build personalized mobile experiences to capture the attention of new and existing customers.

Design and build personalized mobile experiences to capture the attention of new and existing customers.


Customer Care Utilize mGage’s infrastructure and connections to offer messaging as a customer care channel for your customers.

Increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs by using messaging to address questions, route inquiries with greater efficiency, and provide timely transactional information.


Connect across multiple channels.

SMS can be instantly customized to subscribers’ needs and viewing habits.


The click-through rate for SMS text messages is 4X higher than email, highlighting the tremendous power of text messaging.

MMS allows you to add an engaging new element to your messaging campaigns.


Colorful photography, video and audio stand out among texts, compelling your customers to watch, listen and share.

OTT allows you to capitalize on the massive reach of the world’s most popular chat applications.


Drive deeper relationships and conversations with billions of customers over their chat app of choice.

Automate Push notifications and extend the functionality of your app and increase engagement.


mGage’s Push SDK allows you to easily integrate Push notifications into your existing iOS and Android applications.

(RCS) Rich Communication Services  brings a new level of interactivity to A2P messaging.


Transform A2P messaging experiences with dynamic messages that leverage rich media, custom branding and interactive elements.


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