mGage Mobile Engagement Academy: “What Is RCS Messaging?”

May 25, 2018

RCS messaging is poised to change the way that brands communicate with their customers. The easiest way to describe RCS messaging is as a “supersized” version of text messaging. It combines the ease-of-use of SMS messages with rich media features you would typically expect to find inside of an app. The result is businesses can […]

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Six Key Questions on the Future of RCS

May 02, 2018

If you’re one of mGage’s partners, or even if you’re not, you have perhaps heard about Rich Communication Services (RCS) the next generation of text messaging. (The BBC recently described RCS as an “SMS replacement.”) mGage has created a dedicated RCS team to keep up with the latest and to support our clients in developing […]

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Texting Is Part of the Lifestyle of Most Older Americans

April 23, 2018

What lifestyle habits do millennials and people over 50 have in common? According to a recent study by the AARP, text messaging is a significant part of the lives of both demographics. Much like millennials, older adults are leaning on texting as a way to stay connected. In the survey, people over 50 were asked […]

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mGage Provides Expert Analysis for Financial Services Media

April 04, 2018

mGage is a leader in providing messaging solutions to financial service institutions, so it is not surprising that the media comes to us when they want expert opinions. Over the past month, mGage has been featured in articles by two prominent industry publications: mGage Global Chief Operating Officer Denisse Goldbarg was spotlighted in their […]

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Why You Should Care About RCS Business Messaging

April 03, 2018

At the recent Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018, one of the hottest trends was RCS (Rich Communication Services) business messaging. Google announced at the show that more than 50 global carriers in 40 countries now support RCS – a significant step forward in terms of industry acceptance, with another 50 carriers expected to launch RCS  before […]

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New Video from MWC Barcelona 2018 Highlights RCS and Direct Carrier Billing

March 28, 2018

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 was a hit and mGage was proud to be a part of it. Our booth was busy throughout the show, with people wanting to know more about our mobile messaging solutions as well as being curious about some of the latest industry innovations such as RCS business messaging and Direct […]

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Managing Bank Accounts With Mobile

March 20, 2018

While mobile banking existed in Europe as early as 1999, it was not popular in the United States until the iPhone was launched in 2007. Today, consumers’ comfort levels have grown in proportion to the ubiquity of smartphones. A 2017 survey by the American Bankers Association said that mobile is the preferred banking method for […]

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Chatbots Offer Unique Benefits to Brands with Diverse Portfolios

March 14, 2018

Brands in many industries understand how chatbots can make their customer care more efficient and cost-effective by automating processes previously handled by live agents. The potential advantages from implementing chatbots are particularly high for brands with diversified business interests. Underlying chatbot technology can be tweaked to provide a wide range of customer care services across […]

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mGage Mobile Engagement Academy: “What Is SMS Marketing?”

March 12, 2018

At first glance, answering the question “What is SMS marketing?” might seem simple. But the truth is that there are many different ways that you can use text messaging to increase your company’s outreach, and not every company is aware of the various possibilities available to them. This is why we decided to make the […]

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mGage Receives Principles Based Service Provider Status

March 07, 2018

mGage, a Vivial Company, has been awarded accreditation to deliver Principles Based Service solutions to their clients by the PayForIt Management Group – an industry organization with representation from all Mobile Network Operators in the UK (including EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three.) mGage now allows selected businesses to develop customised mobile payment web flows, creating the […]

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