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5 SMS Marketing Goals Enterprise Brands Should Be Tracking

As technology advances, marketers are held more responsible for generating measurable results with their efforts. Understanding which metrics to track to demonstrate the results of text message marketing can be confusing, especially if you are relatively new to the channel. Tracking the KPIs of your text messaging campaigns is more than just an important step to reaching goals—It’s also critical to ensuring that the techniques and technology you’ve implemented are working correctly. These are the five SMS marketing goals we believe enterprise brands should be tracking regularly. 

1. Number of Opt-Ins

Growing your number of opt-ins (also referred to as subscribers) is one of the clearest indications that your text messaging efforts are successful. There are many ways to get more SMS subscribers, but the most important thing is to be consistent. Integrate text messaging into all of your marketing efforts by including instructions for opting-in across marketing materials. If customers aren’t aware you’re sending special offers and important updates via text message, they won’t know to subscribe. You can promote your SMS subscription on flyers, website forms, email footers, and even product packaging.  
The number of opt-ins is a great way to measure the success of sign-up campaigns. Track where new subscribers are coming from by using designated keywords or tracking URLs. This way, you can see what’s working to bring in new contacts.   

2. Delivery Rate
 Delivery rate is another key metric you should be tracking. After all, it won’t matter how many subscribers you have if they aren’t getting your messages. A delivery rate lower than 98% indicates a problem with your contact database or a carrier issue. If you consistently have low delivery rates, there may be an issue with your text messages causing them to be flagged as spam. 
Your mobile marketing efforts are only as strong as the integrity of your contact database. A database that is unorganized and contains outdated information will negatively impact your campaign results. Regularly check for undeliverable phone numbers and remove those contacts to keep your delivery rates high. 

3. Engagement and Conversion Rate 
You can measure the ROI of your text message marketing campaign by using tracking URLs or coupon codes. Measure engagement by keeping track of how many people click the link or use the offer code in the text message to understand which strategies work to get customers to take action. However, not everyone who engages will convert.  
A conversion rate tells you the percentage of people that received the text and completed a conversion goal. For example, if a retailer sends a text promoting their spring line, they may consider someone purchasing an item from the line a conversion. From there, you can calculate the conversion rate and ROI of your campaign.  
Tracking engagement and conversion rates reveals areas where the customer journey could be improved. For example, if you have a high engagement rate but a low conversion rate, there may be an issue with the landing page or checkout experience. 

4. Response Time
For enterprise brands using text messaging for customer service, measuring response time is a crucial way to keep track of your customer care team’s efficiency. Few things are more frustrating to customers than long wait times, especially via text message. Nearly half of all of customers (46%) expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours1. A faster response time dramatically increases customer satisfaction and helps redirect traffic from the call center, which ultimately lowers customer service costs.  


5. Opt-Outs
Monitor opt-outs (or unsubscribes) and make it a goal to keep them below 2%. If you notice a particularly high opt-out rate for a particular campaign, examine it and try to understand what is going wrong. Even if the opt-out rate is consistently hovering near the 2% mark, make a goal to lower it incrementally. Sending texts too frequently, sharing irrelevant content, or simply not meeting customer messaging expectations can all cause higher opt-out rates. 


Are you ready to start generating measurable results from your text messaging campaigns? mGage customers work with a dedicated team to make each campaign more successful than the last. Receive expert strategic and technical advice and leverage our advanced reporting capabilities to take your text messaging to the next level. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.   

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