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A New World of Retail Advertising

Retailers are constantly seeking new ways to interact with their customers. In this age of ‘total retail’, engagement tactics have become increasingly digital with numerous online and mobile advertising campaigns. However, now it’s getting even more personal and contextual.

Share a Message, Tell Your Story

Today, it is possible for retailers to promote bespoke offers and discounts directly to consumers’ devices, triggered by geolocation services via the existing in-store Wi-Fi.

In addition to targeting consumers with offers as they enter or exit your store, brands and retailers can target consumers with offers that are relevant to the section of the store they are in. For example, say you go into a fashion outlet, the retailer could now send you messaging and offers tailored to whether you are looking at shoes or the bespoke suits section.

Alternatively, in a department store, messages could be tailored based on whether customers are browsing in the homeware, electronics or apparel sections. The key lies in customisation, retailers could also add existing loyalty programmes information to the mix – allowing them to target specific demographics and offer a range of unique concessions.

This level of targeting has the potential to transform the marketplace and allow for a much greater interaction between brands and consumers.

Data Analysis & Wider Implications


In addition to better-tailored offers, Wi-Fi targeting can reveal important data to brands about the effectiveness of specific sales or offers, which in turn can enable them to better evaluate their marketing schemes as a whole.

The implications go above and beyond physical in-store marketing. By monitoring trending topics in real time, and feeding these into their offers, brands can increase the returns from their campaigns. Say a heat wave is approaching the UK; a retailer carrying beauty products or with an in-store pharmacy could react to this data and target consumers with deals like ‘2 for 1 on sunscreen’ which could then be reflected in the in-store targeting.

Any brand looking to steal a march on its competitors has a great opportunity to use this service to do so. With mobile evolving so rapidly, it is likely that this will soon become a standard element of campaigns. Those brands that want to get ahead need to act now.

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