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Brands Can Drive Smarter Conversations with RCS Messaging

SMS messaging continues to evolve with the rise of new mobile technologies. New feature-rich messaging apps, such as those built on the RCS (Rich Communications Services) platform, offer businesses powerful new opportunities to engage with their consumers successfully.

RCS is a robust messaging channel that enables brands to deliver a richer customer experience directly to their phone’s native messaging app. This comes at a vital time where consumers expect to receive timely, relevant, and personalized messages.

How can brands drive smarter conversations with RCS?

Create Dialogue - RCS


1. Create Dialogue

SMS is increasingly being used for 2-way conversations, given how successful SMS is for one way. 

Whether you are requesting or responding to customer feedback, directing them to content, or re-scheduling a delivery, this functionality helps increase customer engagement.Use chatbot functionalities to create two-way conversations with customers, send quick responses, and suggested actions.



2. Send Appealing Messages 

Breathe new life into your messages. Deliver rich media content like images, GIFs, and videos to create more enticing messages. By creating visually appealing messages, you can drive 14x higher engagement with RCS compared to traditional channels.



3. Build Trust 

Deliver secure messaging that your consumers can trust. Sender Verification is a critical feature available with RCS that provides additional fraud and security protection for products and services. In addition, personalized branding provides familiarity and peace of mind, which makes end users more likely to engage with your brand.


It’s an exciting time not only for the messaging eco-system but for brands and consumers too. RCS enables brands to deliver a whole new level of mobile engagement through its range of features. We’re RCS ready in the UK and US. If you think of yourselves as leaders of innovation, then contact us to begin your RCS story today!

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