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Choosing a Business Text Messaging Platform: Single or Multi-Channel?

Many companies considering diving into the world of text messaging are faced with a question: should I work with a platform that specializes in text messaging, or a multi-channel platform? Multi-channel providers offer additional communication channels, like email, as part of their platform. On the other hand, a specialized text messaging platform is exactly what it sounds like—a platform designed just for text messaging and supported by a team of text messaging experts.

Despite the fact that most of us text every day, sending text messages on behalf of your business can be tricky. Text messaging is a permission-based channel of communication. Regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and organizations like the CTIA are fiercely committed to keeping text messaging relatively SPAM free. Failing to follow guidelines, which are arguably more stringent than most other channels, can result in your brand being blocked from sending more texts in the future. To make matters even more confusing, these rules vary by country.  

In short, it’s worthwhile to have a team of experts that live and breathe text. mGage has experts across the globe to ensure you’re following official regulations in all countries. Our customers work closely with a team of technical and strategic experts to develop and deploy effective campaigns. Should any issues arise, we have close relationships with carriers and can resolve them quickly. Text messaging is the only area we focus on, so we are completely prepared to guide enterprise brands to success.

In fact, we’re not just experts—we’re top tier. As a Tier 1 aggregator, mGage has direct connections to all major carriers in the United States for both SMS and MMS. Our messaging is faster, more reliable, and more secure because there’s no middleman between us and the carriers. That means fewer potential roadblocks for your messaging campaign.

Working with a specialized text messaging platform doesn’t mean you can’t integrate text messaging with other channels. It’s actually pretty straightforward, thanks to SMS APIs. You can use existing data in marketing campaigns by integrating existing third-party systems and applications, such as CRMs. You can still send a follow-up text to an unopened email, deliver one-time passwords, or remind customers about an abandoned shopping cart. Whatever the goal, you can integrate text messaging with your existing communication channels and customer data.

There are many benefits to working with a company that specializes in text messaging. The expertise in strategy, compliance, and technology are invaluable when navigating the world of text messaging. Relationships are essential in the strictly regulated text messaging channel, and having carriers and other industry authorities on your side makes a world of difference.

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