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In the latest announcement from the UK government on social distancing guidelines, Track and Trace has become a mandatory requirement for all hospitality-based businesses. Faced with fines of up to £4,000, venues must have a system in place that requests and records contact details of their customers, visitors, and staff to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

What is Track and Trace exactly?

Following months of closure, hospitality venues can now reopen their doors on the understanding that they collect information from every visitor to help facilitate the NHS Track and Trace process. Previously, this meant that staff had to manually obtain names, contact phone numbers, date of the visit, arrival time, and had to store this information for 21 days. In the event that a visitor to the venue tested positive with COVID-19, the venue had to contact each person individually via telephone to make them aware that they could be at risk – a time-consuming task.

Why use SMS for Track and Trace?

Understanding the importance of implementing an efficient method of gathering and processing contact details, mGage has an SMS/text-based solution that offers venues an automated, simple, and effective contact-free solution. Rather than writing down the details when they arrive at the venue, visitors can simply text their name to a 5-digit shortcode. This will provide the business with all the relevant data they need to meet UK government guidelines, safely and easily.

This also removes the necessity to call each person individually, as one simple text can be sent to each person that was in the venue at the time in question.

With SMS having a 209 percent higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook Messenger according to Tech Jury, it is evident that consumers are more inclined to engage with businesses that connect with them via mobile messaging. During these unprecedented times, businesses need to utilize proven solutions that will make their jobs easier and allow them to abide by new laws and guidance as they come into effect.

It is not just hospitality venues that will need to consider the impact of Track and Trace on their day-to-day business. Later down the line when live event venues such as music arenas and theatres open, this solution could help to effectively maintain records of staff, customers, and visitors and help stop the spread of the virus.

Under this ‘new normal’, the industry is likely to have to implement new processes and procedures to help facilitate Track and Trace for a long time to come.

Simplicity is the key to efficiency

In line with these new guidelines, businesses must look at the way they currently work and adapt accordingly. Using SMS for Track & Trace is an easy, contact-free solution for businesses to adopt. The simplicity in texting in to a shortcode to check-in to a venue makes it easy for visitors and offers efficiency for the venues to collect information. Should they need to contact visitors to make them aware of possible risk, this can be done quickly and effectively to ensure that they can continue to operate in a safe and sensible manner.

To find out more or to request a demo, please visit mGage: Track and Trace.

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