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Excitement and Momentum Grows with RCS

RCS messaging continues to be the hot topic in mobile messaging, as evidenced by the prominence of RCS with brands and carriers at this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas event. mGage was able to spotlight its first-of-its-kind RCS healthcare solution at the show along with hosting a panel discussion where industry leaders were bullish on the future of RCS.

Why Now Is the Right Time for Brands to Invest in RCS

As more brands ramp up their RCS solutions, a wealth of statistics has emerged showcasing the potential benefits of integrating RCS into mobile marketing campaigns. For example, Subway has sent promotions through RCS using detailed images and has seen a 144 percent increase in redemption rates compared to SMS.

Panelists at the mGage event at MWC Americas agreed that brands can see higher returns on investment by getting involved with RCS.

“Who doesn’t want 8x customer engagement?,” said David O’Byrne, IP Communications Project Director for industry trade group GSMA. “Who doesn’t want three times as many sales per channel compared to the channels they have today? It’s successful and it works.”

A number of brands showcased pilot RCS programs at MWC Americas. Brands that are early adopters of RCS will be able to refine their programs based on results of these trial programs to reach maximum effectiveness. This will certainly give these brands a competitive edge over those not yet engaged with RCS.

“This is like going back in time and being one of the first people ever to launch on the Web,” said Todd Parker, Global Head of Business Development for Google’s Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP). “Now is the time to do it. Now is the time to learn and see how customers react…someone can really get a leg up here.”

mGage Debuts Healthcare RCS Solution

mGage partnered with mPulse Mobile to showcase a first-of-its-kind healthcare RCS solution at Google’s Innovation City during Mobile World Congress Americas. The solution benefits customers by leveraging highly interactive elements associated with RCS to increase engagement and more easily manage their subscription services.

Through this solution, customers can order supplies, browse products and track shipments all through RCS messaging. This is done with the use of elements such as image carousels and clickable buttons that simplify the process of reordering supplies.

The value of RCS messaging is potentially immense for healthcare brands and consumers. Healthcare providers have already seen a positive link between using SMS to engage with patients and encouraging healthy behaviors. The interactive elements of RCS messaging will further engage customers and encourage them to order products, follow up on medical appointments and take other steps to manage their health.

At the mGage panel at MWC Americas, Brendan McClure, Director of Solution Marketing at mPulse Mobile, was asked what he finds exciting about RCS for brands.

“What doesn’t excite me?,” he said. “It really is a game changer for healthcare. The impact of RCS is creating a really enhanced way of engaging patients, and with that you’re going to see patient outcomes improve.”

You can watch highlights of the panel discussion below. If you are interested in viewing the full panel, it can be viewed on our YouTube page.

Brands have a unique window of time to become industry leaders and take advantage of the benefits of RCS messaging before their competition. Doing this will allow them to see the types of increased engagement rates and sales that brands are experiencing today.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit the RCS section of our website and contact us for a discussion on how we can help you to get ahead of the curve. You can also sign up for our distribution list to learn more about RCS and receive a free RCS infographic.

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