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Summit Highlights

Highlights from Mobile Marketing Retail Summit 2016

Last week mGage attended and spoke at the Mobile Marketing Retail Summit in London. The event brought together large retail brands with key thought leaders from the mobile tech space. The day included presentations and high energy round table discussions that honed in on retailer mobile pain points as well as, the new customer engagement, retention and relationship building opportunities available through mobile.

Mobile-first retail brands

John Lewis explored how mobile has changed our shopping habits now that we expect a seamless experience when switching between devices. The key takeaway being that retailers need to ensure they are as connected as their customers, both in-store and online.

The mobile experience

Paul Kinlan from Google explored the current mobile mind shift in his talk on progressive app development. He highlighted the move from replicating the desktop experience on mobile to being mobile-first; starting with the mobile experience and adapting it to desktop and other devices. He highlighted advantages such as mobile being simple, easy to navigate and an overall improvement when it comes to user experience.

Mobile as a listening tool

It is well known that mobile is an important channel for reaching customers with your message, but it is also the perfect tool to gather unique customer insights. The event showcased how mobile can be used to listen to customer signals, which helps drive campaigns that are more tailored and truly understand your customers. This highlights something that we have been saying for a while at mGage, mobile is about as personal as it gets, retailers need to understand this and learn to use it properly without being invasive.

SMS is still relevant

With so many big brands realizing the importance of mobile in connecting with their customers and with mGage powering more than 40 Billion messages per year, we know a little thing or two about how SMS is here to stay and is still a mobile channel that cannot be ignored. Although SMS may not be as exciting as VR or Augmented reality, it’s simple and effective; not many channels can compete with the 98% open rate of SMS and 45% success rate of SMS campaigns compared to the 6% success rate of emails. The most surprising finding that the mGage team found from the various discussions with the different retailers is the lack of a clear mobile strategy in the industry. Many have apps and mobile sites but the struggle is making sure that they all complement each other, working together in the wider omni-channel ecosystem. For example, using SMS to drive App downloads or using Wi-fi location nodes to send location-specific messages.

All of this is up our street

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