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How Can I Send Bulk Text Messages?

Consumers receive endless messages from brands through email, social media, and advertising. People are overwhelmed and have started tuning out marketing attempts, making it difficult for brands to have an impact. Text messaging is the channel through which customers actually want to hear from you. In fact, it’s a strict requirement that customers opt-in to receive texts from brands and can easily opt-out at any time. Apart from text messaging being a permission-based channel, text messaging also enables brands to have 1:1 bi-directional conversations. What does this mean for brands? Higher open, read, and engagement rates. Read on to learn how your brand can start sending bulk text messages.

What Are Bulk Text Messages?

Bulk texts are text messages sent to a large number of contacts all at once. Sale announcements, special offers, and emergency alerts are great use cases for bulk text messages. While bulk texts are sent to many people at once, you can still make customers feel special by including their first name, company name, or any other information you have available. You can also leverage additional data you have, like previous purchases, to sort customers into lists and send them relevant messages. 

Before you can send any texts, you’ll need to gather a list of customers that have opted-in. This means they have agreed that your company may contact them via text message. There are many ways to grow your SMS subscriber list, and 50% of consumers say they would opt into an SMS loyalty program if they were offered flash sales, deals, or coupons in return[1].

To send bulk text messages, you’ll need to work with a mobile engagement provider to send texts through a campaign management platform or using APIs. This will enable you to create and manage lists of contacts, schedule campaigns ahead of time, test different strategies and send special texts like mobile wallet coupons and multimedia content.

Best Practices for Sending Bulk Text Messages

Once you have a list of contacts and are set up on a platform, you’re ready to launch your first bulk text message campaign. We suggest following a few best practices to ensure your campaign is a success:


  1. Define Your Objectives – It’s impossible to reach a goal you haven’t set. Commonly measured metrics for bulk text messaging campaigns include click-throughs, read rate, and sales. Focus on what matters to your business.
  2. Be Transparent – As you build your list of opt-ins, we recommend letting customers know what to expect. How frequently will you send them bulk texts? What kind of perks will they get by signing up?
  3. Add Value – Your text messaging campaigns should always aim to add value to customers’ lives. Consistently sending valuable, targeted texts will help keep unsubscribes low and read rates high.
  4. Always Keep Testing – There is always room to improve your text messaging strategy. Try different techniques and see what your customers respond to.
  5. Make It Easy to Opt-Out – No one likes to see contacts unsubscribing, but regulations require you to make it easy and straightforward for them to do so. Most brands include a simple line such as, “Reply STOP to opt-out.”

Use Cases for Bulk Text Messages
If you want to send a message to a large audience and maximize engagement, bulk text messaging is the answer. SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% for emails[2]. Some of the most common strategies we see top brands employ include…

  1. Coupons
  2. Sale Alerts
  3. Engaging Images, Videos, and GIFs
  4. Sweepstakes and Giveaways
  5. Product Launches
  6. Ask for Reviews
  7. Employee Recruiting
  8. Loyalty Clubs
  9. Customer Surveys
  10. Time-Sensitive Alerts

Getting Started with Bulk Text Messages

 Ready to get started? mGage is here to help. Work closely with a dedicated team of strategic and technical experts on a reliable platform to message your customers when and where they want to hear from you. We have direct connections with all major carriers in the U.S., so we can offer higher throughput and more reliability for your bulk text messaging campaign.  Contact us to learn more today!

[1] G2

[2] Campaign Monitor

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