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If You Want to Take Customer Experience to a New Level, Put It to the Text.

Two words define how people communicate by text with each other today:  constantly and immediately. That’s true in everyone’s personal life. Just a few years ago, text messaging was novel; now it’s the norm. But you already knew that.

If you haven’t embraced texting as the vital business communication channel that it is – just as important as it is for personal communication – you are missing out on a cost-efficient method of staying in touch with your current customers, as well as engaging with prospects.

The data proving this fact are undeniable. Nearly 49 million people will choose to receive business-related SMS (text) messages in 2020, and SMS messages have a – get ready for this — 209% higher response rate than a phone, email, or alerts through social channels.

So, why wouldn’t you employ this fast, cost-efficient way to reach your customers? Here are just some of the ways that mobile messaging can enhance your marketing and outreach strategies.

Boost Promotions with Mobile Marketing

For your most time-sensitive promotions, SMS marketing allows you to reach your target market within seconds. An incredible 98% of text messages are read within two minutes. Yes, that’s right…nearly 100%!

Here’s another empowering fact about how text messaging campaigns can boost your special promotional offers:  Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10x more than other types of coupons, and 77% of customers spend up to $50 more when they’re redeeming a mobile coupon.

Improve Customer Service

A well-implemented texting strategy allows your customers to manage the services they get from your company. This increases customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Replies can be automated, so that you and your staff aren’t chained to a computer, constantly sending or responding to customer messages. Customers prefer this type of communication, too – 75% of consumers say they prefer texting over voice messages for customer service.

David’s Bridal, for example, launched a chatbot to switch customer calls to messaging and cut contact center operating costs by more than 30%. The chat service also helped to resolve 90% of customer requests on the first contact, compared with 73% through voice.

Enable Appointment Reminders

If you have a service-based business, using text messaging to confirm and remind people of appointments is critical. 78% of consumers say texting is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates. Sending SMS reminders not only makes it easy for clients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments, it also reduces your number of no-shows, and improves your customer service.

Improve Internal Communications

Text messaging isn’t just a way to reach and engage customers; it can significantly improve your internal communications with employees, vendors, and partners. SMS is today’s most cost-efficient way to deliver reliable messaging between you and your employees. To learn more about that business process streamlining advantage, visit 4 Ways SMS can Streamline Day to Day Tasks for Businesses.

Text messaging is probably today’s most cost- and time-efficient way to communicate with your customers, employees, suppliers, and contractors. Contact us to learn more about how to make SMS messaging a critical part of your business strategy.



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