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Last week’s Breakfast Seminar l (London)

Firstly, thanks to all that joined us on March 17th for the breakfast seminar.

For those that missed it, there was a great turnout at the beautiful Home House in London where we discussed Mobile Engagement over breakfast.


Key speakers for the seminar were Nick Millward, our Global Product Marketing Director and Surash Patel (General Manager – Europe).

Mobile has changed huge segments of the world we live in: how we wake up in the morning, how we access the information in the world around us at any time of the day, how we get from A to B and oddly enough, how we talk to each other.
Our day to day lives are built up of micro moments now and almost all of these moments are connected via a smartphone.


We discussed the research carried out by Mastercard which shows how omni-channel shoppers are more valuable, the findings show ‘customers who shop both online and off with a specific retailer buy 250% more on average’. Other similar studies also conclude that the omni-channel customer is 8x more valuable than one being engaged by a single channel.

Mobile is key to this, think about it – there are more connected mobiles on the planet than there are people…

After all,


A huge amount of this growth can be put down to one particular demographic which covers 23% of the UK population and, according to Deloitte, will cover 75% of the workforce by 2025… This new demographic is 14.7m people strong in the UK and is unique, never before have we seen such a powerful, educated, tech-savvy group that has been brought up using computers, phones and consoles so natively. They spend 3.5 hours per day on a mobile phone and 91% of them own a smartphone…

You guessed it, we are talking about the huge market potential of the Millennials.


How do you reach them with your message?

Often overlooked, there is an app for that, one that is used more than any email client, social network or installable messaging app, it comes preinstalled on 99.9% of mobile phones, doesn’t need an internet connection and is so integral to people’s day to day life that you would struggle to get someone not to open the message – SMS.





How can a brand maximise such a personal, asynchronous, conversational and expressive tool such as SMS?

You might not even realise it, but a plethora of brands are already scratching at the surface of the SMS potential across all sectors, for example;




Using mGage’s Communicate Pro platform, your enterprise really can go a long way towards omni-channel communications from one easy to use interface by adding SMS, push, MMS, Wi-fi, voice, Beacons, Email, Social and App-Chat communications to your outreach.

Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, SMS is experiencing a real resurgence. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us to find out how you can utilise the sleeping giant.

Want to see some proven customer journeys that use very simple sets of CRMs to create conversations with customers? Please don’t miss our next seminar or contacts us today to book a meeting or a demo.

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