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Stand out with Mobile Sales

How mobile can set you apart from your competitor and drive sales

Small businesses have traditionally been more adventurous when it comes to marketing. However, for a while, this spirit didn’t seem to extend to mobile, with few SMEs making the most of mobile. Over the past year, this seems to have changed; SMEs are embracing mobile wholeheartedly and seeing immediate returns from their investment.

Whilst more SMEs are embracing mobile there are still many who shy away from mobile because they fear it will be expensive and complicated and they don’t understand the specific value it will bring. In a small business, every cost is closely scrutinised to judge the value that investment makes. Mobile, much like the digital sector as a whole, is inherently more measurable so this alone should encourage more SMEs to invest. It isn’t the only reason to go mobile though.

Mobile provides understanding…

Mobile is personal. Once consumers have given permission for brands to interact with them via their mobiles, it becomes a fantastic source of insight into preferences, views and actions.

…which enables targeted campaigns…

Once you have an understanding of what consumers are looking for you can start to deliver the specific content they are after. For SMEs, the crux here is to keep it simple. Most of your customers will be looking to receive easily digestible information – most likely via SMS/MMS rather than through an app.

…which drives value for the customer and you

If you can deliver content that consumers want through the formats they are happiest with, you have a great chance to set yourself out from your competition.

Consumers like to feel they are receiving unique offers on their mobile – offers that they couldn’t get anywhere else from you, let alone a competitor. If you can deliver against this expectation, you will automatically be seen to have a competitive difference – you will be adding real value to your customers, which cannot be underestimated in this day and age.

Mobile marketing can’t be the only marketing an SME does – it needs to be part of a wider marketing mix, but if it is run as part of an integrated programme it can increase engagement significantly and provide guidance on which content to focus on across other channels; because it is measurable, mobile can almost act as a direct response metric.

The information included herein is distributed for informational use only; it does not constitute legal advice and should not be taken as such. All clients are responsible for meeting legal requirements and other rules that apply to their messaging programs. Consultation with legal counsel is strongly recommended.

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