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Summary: Mobile Messaging Blazes a Path to Consumers

After 25 years, messaging is evolving with the rise of newer mobile technologies. Harvard Business Review has recently released survey findings outlining how businesses plan to update their strategies to reach consumers through these new feature-rich platforms.

Feature Rich Platforms

New feature-rich messaging apps, such as those built on the RCS (Rich Communications Services) platform, offer businesses powerful new opportunities to successfully interact with consumers. These messaging apps offer the same feature-rich experience as a 3rd party messaging app without asking the consumer to leave their phone’s native messaging app. Some 68% of survey respondents predict that advanced mobile messaging will be highly important for consumer marketing in five years, and companies will invest more in mobile messaging, with RCS and other richer messaging platforms likely being at the forefront, though SMS and MMS would remain about as important as it is today.

Businesses are using advanced mobile messaging app platforms (OTTs) like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to offer customers a richer messaging experience, but there are cons to this solution as it entails consumers to download a separate app and can be costly to update for businesses.

Expected Uses for Advanced Mobile Messaging

Messaging apps are universal, offer an instant response, and are extremely easy to use. Given these benefits, they have been widely adopted for business-to-consumer interactions. Overall, the most important role of messages for businesses is to improve consumer engagement and answer customer questions. Businesses view these as the leading tasks for business to consumer messaging:

  • Promotional Alerts – 52%
  • Status Updates – 52% (travel, shipping, transactions)
  • Initial Contacts – 47%
  • Customer Chats – 46%

Messaging Capabilities for Advanced Mobile

Advanced mobile messaging apps create new and powerful messaging capabilities for businesses. 81% of survey responders stated that the ability to offer verified sender information is a highly important messaging capability they want. With richer messaging platforms, businesses can receive improved metrics/analytics, verified sender information, seamless transactions, richer media, and easier replies.

Take the Next Step

These new advanced mobile messaging capabilities mark an evolution enabling richer communication between consumers and businesses. Contact us for new ways to reach your customers using these advances messaging capabilities.

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