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Mobile Messaging News Recap: 8/22/2016

Welcome to the mGage Mobile Messaging News Recap. We scour the Internet for SMS and MMS-related articles that talk about the top stories and trends affecting the market and bring them to you in one place.

International Automotive Uses for SMS

Some recent reports highlight innovative uses for SMS messaging around the globe. In Saudi Arabia, an SMS service has been launched that will send a text message to the owner of a vehicle if it has been involved in an accident. This is in response to a wave of complaints from Saudi drivers that insurance companies were filing claims for accidents without the knowledge of the vehicles owners. This has been especially true for private sector transportation companies.

Meanwhile, SMS is making the act of paying for parking easier in Marseille, France. The city’s street parking management division is working with outside companies to create a system to pay for parking using SMS. When parking, a person texts their license plate to a short code and later sends an “End” message when they leave. The cost of parking is then automatically added to their mobile phone bill. Traffic police have the ability to search and see if a car’s driver has registered with the system when parking.

The Case for Encouraging Mobile Usage at Live Events contributor Cherie Hu recently made the case against technologies designed to limit the abilities of fans to use their mobile devices at live events such as concerts. Mobile technology allows venues to deliver enhanced content to attendees, give them a cashless way to pay for concessions or merchandise, or even turn their smartphone into an interactive musical instrument. At the same time, venues can receive valuable information about the habits of eventgoers along with giving them a platform to share their experiences on social media.

Live event activation can take on many forms. SMS can be used as a way for fans to share their excitement with people who cannot attend. People can text to share their photos and thoughts about being at a concert without the need to open an app, creating great audience engagement. Marketers can leverage these opportunities as ways to reach a targeted audience.

Almost Half of Marketing Emails Read on Mobile Devices

A new IBM study has found that 49 percent of all marketing emails worldwide are read on mobile devices, reinforcing the notion that mobile engagement needs to be a top priority for any marketer. An interesting note from the report is that 26 percent of respondents said that they “glance” at emails for two seconds or less. This is a significant portion of business’ customer bases that want information quickly and concisely. For these customers, an SMS message might be effective to work in conjunction with an email campaign to deliver them a company’s message in the right fashion.

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