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The opportunity for mobile advertising

With the number of mobile phones set to exceed the number of human beings by the end of 2014, according to Silicon India, it is no wonder marketers are placing such an emphasis on targeting consumers with adverts on mobile devices.

Initially, the thought that the number of mobile phones – predicted to be 7.3bn – will exceed the number of humans is a startling thought; but, with many professionals having at least two phones – a work phone and a personal phone, this quickly makes sense. Such professionals will normally never be without at least one phone (plus tablet) at any one time, and so the opportunity available for marketers to connect with consumers though this channel is very clear.

The value of sending personalised ads

In a piece of research we carried out earlier in the year, it was found that 25% of consumers would click on an ad if it was directly relevant to something they have recently been looking at. This is an encouraging statistic for marketers. The proportion of consumers is sufficiently large that it demonstrates the need for, and interest in, mobile ads, but there is clearly a huge untapped market.

Furthermore, it was found that 27% of consumers would click on the ad if it had an offer or discount. Indeed this is a popular strategy amongst retailers, from supermarkets to upmarket fashion brands. Waitrose, for example, has been trialling the use of iBeacons to provide customers with a more personalised, enhanced, in-store experience. iBeacons are placed around the store and consumers are sent offers relating to products as they walk past them. In the fashion space, many of the stores on Regent Street have been trialling such technology to target consumers with relevant communications as they walk past.

Mobile ads are more successful than ever

It is, therefore, no surprise that, according to figures recently released by the 2nd Annual UK Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study, consumers are finding mobile ads to be more useful than ever before. This is thanks to the “personal, relevant and timely” nature of ads increasingly sent to consumers, thanks to new technologies such as iBeacons.

So, it is clear that a great opportunity exists to target the remaining 75% of consumers who are currently not clicking on ads directly relevant to something they have been looking at; a challenge perhaps but, with a good strategy in place, most definitely an achievable one. Consumers don’t have time to be bombarded with irrelevant communications, but even the busiest consumer appreciates a personalised, timely and tailored offer.

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