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SMS Turns 26 Today – Discover How Your Brand Can Use SMS Messaging!

Happy birthday to SMS! It was on this date in 1992 that engineer Neil Papworth typed “Merry Christmas” into a computer and sent it to the cell phone of Vodafone director Richard Jarvis. While text messaging has changed significantly over the past 26 years, it has remained a powerful tool that connects people to each other.

We’ve also learned that consumers are more than happy to have brands communicate with them via this channel, that and brands are listening. We’ve progressed from the first commercial text message being sent in June 1993 to 1.67 trillion A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS messages being sent in 2017 – with that number expected to skyrocket to 2.8 trillion by 2022.

In honor of SMS turning 26, here are 26 ways your brand can use SMS messaging today:

Marketing Messages

  1. Coupon Offers: Give your customers a link to open exclusive coupons and offers. Mobile coupons make redemption convenient whether online or in-store.
  2. Text-to-Win Sweepstakes: Engage your audience with simple contests that they can enter instantly.
  3. Interactive Polling: Create conversations with your customers by giving them an immediate way to answer fun poll questions.
  4. Loyalty Programs: Let people see their loyalty points, track redemptions and have access to exclusive special offers.
  5. Exclusive Event Alerts: Have a flash sale coming up online or at your retail store? Send a special alert via SMS to let your customers know that a big deal is coming.
  6. Multi-Step Programs: Reach customers with targeted messages based on previous interactions. Use these messages to funnel them through each step in the sales cycle
  7. Building Marketing Lists: Collect leads and add contacts to your lists for a range of future marketing efforts.
  8. Promote App Downloads: Increase downloads and usage of your brand’s app by sending a download link and reminders of app-exclusive content.
  9. Competitions: Use SMS to run competitions that drive fan interest in retail products, TV or radio programming and more.
  10. Drive Sponsor Engagement: TV and radio stations can create polls, contests and other exciting programs that will engage your audience and spur their interest in your sponsors’ products and services
  11. Increase Social Sharing: Send links to social media posts and encourage your customers to share with their friends and followers.

Customer Service Messages

  1. Fraud Alerts: Instantly alert customers when there are suspicious charges on their account and escalate cases where fraud is likely.
  2. Balance Checks: Allow customers to get up-to-date information on their balance, credit card limits and more account information.
  3. Call Back Requests: Provide your customers with the option to get a return phone call from a customer care agent rather than waiting on hold to speak to someone.
  4. Customer Surveys: Want to know more about how your customers feel about your brand or products? Send them a link to a customer survey in an SMS and get their feedback.
  5. Room Readiness Alerts: Hotels can let guests know when their rooms are ready for early check-in, providing convenience for busy travelers.
  6. Concierge Services: Let hotel guests make dinner reservations, take care of housekeeping issues or take advantage of in-room amenities such as room service.

Transactional Messages

  1. One-Time Passwords: Help your customers recover their account information by sending a one-time password via SMS.
  2. Two-Factor Authentication: Use text messages as one of the ways that you can confirm identities.
  3. Set Up Appointments: Confirm customer appointments at beauty salons, department store makeup counters, bridal stores and more. Doctors’ offices can reduce the risk of no-shows by sending patients reminders of their upcoming appointments.
  4. Payment Confirmations: Let customers know that their payments have gone through immediately after they’ve been made.
  5. Shipping Receipts: Create peace of mind with people who are shipping packages. Let them know when their delivery has left and has been delivered.
  6. Click & Collect: Send customers an SMS confirmation when an order they have reserved is ready for in-store pick-up.
  7. Booking Confirmations: Send confirmations when customers book theatre and concert tickets, hotel rooms and more.
  8. Payment Reminders: Send texts to customers to let them know about a pending or overdue payment, allowing them to stay on track with their account.
  9. Alert Patients of Test Results and Available Prescriptions: Medical providers can let patients know that test results are available to view or that prescriptions are ready to pick up.

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to all of the amazing things you can do with SMS messaging. mGage can help you explore all of the options available to you. As your partner in text messaging, we can provide you with the tools to manage your campaigns and the expert guidance to discover new and exciting ways to connect with your customers.

Contact us to learn how to make SMS messaging a critical part of your mobile programs.

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