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Holiday Mobile Marketing

Steal Christmas with mobile marketing

Last year’s figures starkly revealed the growing popularity of mobile shopping in the UK, particularly during the festive season. Consequently, brands must be aware of the significant role mobile marketing can play in driving profitability.

According to analytics run by IBM, 59.8% of Black Friday purchases in the UK last year came from mobile devices. In fact, adtech company BlisMedia disclosed a 259% increase in customer traffic on mobile websites from November to December 2014. With a consistent proliferation in mobile purchases during the months leading up to Christmas, brands should aim to make a rigorous effort to capitalise on these trends, which show no sign of declining soon.

‘Hotspots’ and ‘Timeslots’

Mobile platforms provide businesses with a powerful insight into the success of their marketing campaigns. These analytics can be used to generate specific ‘hotspots,’ which use mobile signals to reveal the popularity of certain physical retail stores. Moreover, brands can calculate the precise times during which shoppers were most active online. All of this information aids in the development of a structured and strategic marketing plan. As Greg Isbister, CEO of BlisMedia says, “A knowledge of the most popular shopping hotspots and timeslots is the first portion of the equation. When marketers couple this intelligence with location insight and behavioural data, they can time relevant brand campaigns to reach target audiences at the best times and places.”

Amazon’s prime day: What the competition reveals

In a bid to secure a corner of the market, Amazon recently announced the biggest sale in its history, exclusively to Amazon Prime members. The sale has been touted by those at Amazon as bigger than Black Friday itself, offering customers an exclusive access to items on sale across nine countries. The event has gained such notoriety that shopping empire Walmart announced a rival sale to occur on the same day in a bid for retail supremacy. The competition reveals that marketing strategies for retail shopping are constantly being re-invented; Amazon appears to have recognised and seized upon the surge in mobile and online purchases, and other companies have clearly taken notice.

Add SMS to the mix

SMS marketing has been around for years and is often overlooked by marketers; however, this platform is a great way of speaking directly to the customer. With the pressures of hitting sales targets and sticking to tight marketing budgets, brands need simple and stress-free strategies when engaging with consumers. SMS gives marketers the opportunity to engage with a large number of consumers in a fast and effective manner, without the need to be overly creative and with immediate results.

Four in five UK smartphone owners use the internet on their mobile every day, meaning that mobile optimised sites have become a vital part of any brand’s digital strategy. Research suggests that bulk SMS marketing messages are four times more likely to be opened than marketing emails. At a time of the year when consumers are inundated with commercial messages, it could certainly pay to utilise a marketing platform that ensures your message is seen and acted upon.

What makes for a successful mobile marketing campaign?

  • Advanced planning is essential – as figures show, shopping for Christmas begins well in advance of the actual date itself. Retailers should look to have their mobile strategy securely in place by September.
  • Creativity is key – in a marketplace saturated with retailers and information, a clever mobile marketing strategy is key to engaging consumers.
  • Publicised shopping days – brands must seek to capitalize on publicized shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in addition to traditional holidays such as Christmas and Boxing Day.

Mobile trends

If the trend of mobile buying continues, we could well expect to see mobile and online shopping exceed the record-breaking £1.3 billion set on Christmas and Boxing Day last year alone. As such, it is essential that brands look to the future of marketing and recognise that mobile marketing not only appears set to stay but likely to overtake more traditional forms of shopping and purchasing.

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