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Text Messaging: The Missing Piece to Customer Engagement

Your customers are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages each week and they have learned to filter these messages and ignore those that aren’t relevant. This has resulted in marketers struggling to connect with customers and achieve meaningful engagement. To combat this, brands are leveraging text messaging for marketing to enable them to engage their customers and drive meaningful results.

Mitto’s recent 2021 Benchmark Data report, “The State of Customer Engagement in B2C Marketing,” demonstrates just how important text messaging has become for many enterprise business-to-consumer (B2C) brands to engage their audience.

Marketers Aren’t Getting Through to Customers

The Mitto report reveals that over a third of enterprise B2C marketers believe the top barrier to customer engagement is simply getting messages through. With the volume of marketing messages consumers receive and increasingly sophisticated filtering technology, it’s no wonder marketers struggle to get attention.

Text messaging is the most immediate way to reach your customers. 98% of text messages are read within two minutes, and texts have an 8x higher engagement rate than email[1].  Text messaging is the best channel for driving immediate action and can be combined with other channels to reach customers across the entire purchasing process.

According to the report, nearly 4/5 of enterprise B2C marketers in the United States say SMS performs much better than any other channel they use to engage customers. Top objectives were establishing more meaningful connections with customers, delivering or optimizing a contactless experience, improving omnichannel communications, and improving accessibility/ease-of-use. Text messaging helps companies achieve all of these objectives with its many flexible use cases and ability to integrate across channels. Apple Business Chat, Rich Communication Services (RCS), mobile wallet, and other exciting innovations in the space are expanding the possibilities of mobile messaging beyond simply communicating one-way with customers.

Customer Experience is the Most Important Differentiator for B2C Brands

As consumer preferences evolve, marketers need to identify touchpoints that enable them to satisfy their customers while delivering an exceptional experience. What we have learned is that consumers prefer to have options. In a recent survey, 62% of companies that offer messaging for customer service said customers like the ability to chat with an agent, while 58% said it lowers costs[2]. In fact, there was an 80% YoY increase in customers creating support tickets via messaging channels, according to the 2020 Zendesk Snapshot.

Big and small brands alike are raising consumer expectations for how simple and streamlined their purchasing experience should be from beginning to end, and other brands have to meet those expectations. Adding messaging as a communication channel is one straightforward way to immediately improve customer experience.

Examples of Text Message Marketing Driving Engagement

Brands are getting creative with how they use texting to drive engagement. Check out these interesting examples.

Chipotle – Unlock the Guac

Chipotle Mexican Grill gave mobile users a chance to win free guacamole for a year by guessing secret passwords in text messages. To participate in Chipotle’s challenge, customers sent a text to 888222 and guessed the secret password for one of six Chipotle Rewards. Chipotle gave hints on its Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts.

This campaign not only generated opt-ins but also encouraged consumers to engage with the brand via text message. By integrating the campaign across multiple channels, Chipotle was able to reach more users and grow its audience. In addition, the campaign drove traffic to social media and generated over 1.2K engagements on Twitter alone.

American Red Cross – Text to Donate

 The American Red Cross makes it easy for supporters to donate via text message by integrating a mobile payment option with a link. The organization runs ads that prompt viewers to donate $5 immediately by texting a keyword to their short code.

This strategy removes friction from the donation process and makes it easy and fast. Over $43 million was raised by the Red Cross’s Haiti earthquake relief text-to-give campaign.

The Voice – Text to Vote

 The Voice enables viewers to vote via phone, SMS, or the app. Each contestant has a corresponding keyword that fans can text to a short code to cast their vote.

Brands across all industries can use this strategy to engage customers with competitions or simply gather feedback.   


How to Start Engaging Customers with Text Messaging

Getting started with text messaging is easy when you work with a qualified mobile engagement provider. When you work with mGage, a dedicated team assists you from set up to launching your first campaign. mGage can help you strategize and build your list quickly.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!


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[2] Dimensional Research, “Customers Are Less Happy Than Companies Think: An International Survey of Business and Customers”


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