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How to Transfer Your Short Code to a New Mobile Engagement Provider

A short code is an important part of the brand identity you’ve carefully crafted with the aid of text messaging. Customers may even have it saved under your company name in their phone. A short code has value, so it can be daunting when you find yourself unhappy with your mobile engagement provider and are considering making a switch. How will you transfer your existing short code to a new provider?

 mGage has transferring short codes perfected to a streamlined process. You’ll work closely with a team of experts with experience transferring thousands of short codes and handling several hundred short codes at one time. mGage takes care of the logistics for you and makes transferring your short code easy. 

Transferring Short Codes with a Tier-1 Aggregator

Our Tier-1 Aggregator status gives us direct connections and close relationships with all major carriers. This helps us expedite the process and complete your short code migration faster with fewer potential roadblocks. mGage is in constant communication with carriers. If there are any issues or questions about your short code transfer, we can speak with them directly to resolve the issue.  

What Are the Steps of a Short Code Transfer?

We pride ourselves on making it easy to transfer your short code. Our experts will handle the carrier communication and technical aspects of the process. Before we initiate your short code transfer, we will give you a more comprehensive outline of the process and provide an exact timeline. At a high level, the process is as follows:

  1. Pre-Submission – mGage gathers all of the documentation we need from the brand in order to initiate the short code transfer
  2. Carrier Submission – mGage works with the carriers to submit all necessary documentation for review, approval, and provisioning
  3. Campaign Certification and Quality Assurance – mGage tests your campaigns and completes carrier certification. You can continue your campaigns throughout this process.
  4. Carrier Testing and Certification – Carriers test the campaigns to ensure compliance


Bulk Short Code Migrations

Transferring a handful of short codes can be overwhelming, but transferring short codes in bulk may sound like even more of a headache. If you have many short codes to transfer (as may be the case for text messaging providers), you’ve come to the right place! mGage has extensive experience in bulk short code migrations.

Your bulk short code migration will be supported by…

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Technical experts
  • A detailed plan of migration with preparation steps and a timeline
  • Post-migration monitoring
  • A shared document to keep track of all progress

What’s Next?

Transferring your short code isn’t so difficult when you’re working with well-connected experts! We’re here to take care of the technical details for you while maintaining full transparency throughout the process. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today for a free consultation.

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