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US Carriers Unite to Launch RCS Messaging

Late last week, the US carriers announced a Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI), targeting next-generation messaging. Core members, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, ensure that the carriers will move forward together to deliver the next generation of messaging to consumers and businesses. The service, based on GSMA’s Rich Communications Service (RCS) industry standard, will pave the way for consumers and businesses to interact in a far more engaging manner. The initiative also includes a promise to launch a new texting app for Android phones by next year.

At mGage, we are very excited by this announcement, as we believe it will significantly accelerate the adoption of RCS. This initiative addresses the key challenges that have limited the adoption of RCS with brands that we work with; 1) addressable market, 2) standardized pricing structure.

Now that the carriers are working collaboratively to deploy RCS, we expect the size of the addressable market to increase dramatically, and the pricing structure to be solidified. By having a standardized process for brand verification and chatbot registration, we anticipate this will simplify the process of launching an RCS campaign, and reduce the time to launch a cross-carrier RCS campaign.

The CCMI initiative reinforces the commitment operators have to deliver the next generation of messaging to businesses and consumers. Delivering a consistent RCS experience to consumers across all the operators will allow RCS to eventually become as ubiquitous as SMS is today.

As early adopters of RCS business messaging, mGage has been working closely with brands to pilot RCS for over a year now and will continue working with carriers and operators to offer the most comprehensive RCS coverage to our clients.

Contact us to learn more about reaching your customers using these advanced messaging capabilities.

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