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VP Priyank Parikh on mGage and the Future of CPaaS

mGage recently had the opportunity to work with ROCCO Research on a report with top vendors to share insights on the characteristics and evolution of CPaaS market (Communication Platforms as a Service). In 2016 the CPaaS market was already worth $2 billion. As we head towards 2022, IDC predicts that this value will increase to $10.9 billion. This isn’t surprising, considering CPaaS providers give companies efficient, innovative ways to connect with customers across all channels. The future of CPaaS is exciting, and we are proud to see the industry grow and generate more interest.

As part of the report, our VP of Global Solutions Engineering Priyank Parikh answered several questions about mGage and the not-so-distant future of text messaging.

In what year was your company founded and when did you start providing CPaaS-related services?

mGage was founded in 1999 and began providing text messaging in 2006.

What is your mission statement?

To deliver every message from our clients to their customers reliably, quickly, and accurately. Everything we do helps clients build stronger connections with the audiences that matter most to them.

What business areas are the primary focus of your company’s activities?

Customer Service, Infrastructure, Operations, and Business Development

What would you say are your top 3 product offerings?

SMS, MMS, and Push Notifications

How do you think COVID-19 has affected CPaaS?

Overall, at mGage we have seen higher adoption of CPaaS during COVID-19. COVID-19 has impacted customers in different ways depending on the industry they’re in and how their businesses have been impacted. For example, clients in the emergency response, healthcare and retail sectors have increased messaging volume. For many industries, like retail, CPaaS has been an important way to engage customers with minimal in-person contact. COVID-19 has also led to the emergence of new use-cases that are here to stay, such as curbside pick-up. Those new use-cases will further drive adoption of CPaaS.

Do you think your strategy will change in the next year or two, your focus shifting to other or additional sectors?

Our strategy will evolve to align with mobile messaging innovations. We will continue investing in new trends and technologies like RCS, vSMS (Verified SMS), Apple Business Chat and OTT (Over The Top) messaging applications like WhatsApp. Along with our core sectors, we will be focusing on healthcare given the greenfield opportunities it now represents for mobile messaging.

How would you say your CPaaS solution supports the Enterprise in rewarding its customers for engagement?

mGage rewards customers for engagement by providing a secure, reliable, highly available and scalable messaging gateway backed by best-in-class customer service. We view our customer success as our success, and we promote their success by making it simple for them to connect with customers where and when it matters most.

2020 was a challenging year across the board, but many companies have been able to turn to CPaaS and text messaging in particular to stay connected with customers and maintain operations. As we continue forging the path ahead, innovative communication strategies will be critical for maintaining and regaining close relationships with customers and prospects, regardless of the industry or vertical.

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