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Why RCS messaging should be part of your 2020 strategy

There has been a lot of progress in RCS adoption this year. With the recent news of US carriers uniting to deliver the next generation of messaging, and with the launch of RCS in the UK, we hosted a webcast where our in-house experts shared their insights. Below are the key reasons why this next-level messaging platform should be part of your 2020 strategy.

RCS in the News

  • In July, Google made RCS Chat services available to Android users in the UK and France. Early adopters of RCS in the UK have seen 140% better conversion rates, and 23% higher sales compared to SMS. Consumers find that RCS is more appealing due to its interactive nature.
  • In early Q4, the four major US carriers announced a Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI), targeting next-generation messaging. The core members ensure that they will move forward together to deliver the next generation of messaging to consumers and businesses. Now that the carriers are working collaboratively to deploy RCS, we expect the size of the addressable market to increase dramatically, and the pricing structure to be solidified.
  • Last week, Google completed its rollout of RCS Chat services to Android users in the US. This step focused on person-to-person (P2P) messaging, but many may be wondering how this will impact RCS business messaging. We believe this recent rollout of RCS Chat services is another step in the right direction to launching RCS business messaging as Google wants consumers to be able to experience RCS firsthand through their RCS Chat app while carriers work to implement RCS.

Why RCS Messaging?

  • Engage with customers in a way that is more interactive, conversational, and trusted.
  • Trials have demonstrated 14x more customer engagement and 3x more sales than traditional channels.
  • 74% of consumers have said they are more likely to engage with a brand that uses RCS.[1]
  • As many as 86% of smartphones will be RCS-enabled by the year 2021.

Messaging Capabilities for RCS

RCS business messaging offers brands powerful new features to interact with consumers successfully. Brands receive better insights when messages are sent, delivered, and read. Sender Verification is a critical feature that provides additional fraud and security protection for products and services. Suggested response “chips” enable an easy two-way conversation, and with typing indicators, consumers will know they are being responded to in real-time. Lastly, when an end user’s phone does not support RCS, the brand’s message will default to the SMS fallback feature, ensuring their message is still delivered. 

Ease of Onboarding

Onboarding for RCS is simple and straightforward for brands. It aligns similarly with how we launch a campaign with SMS or MMS. At mGage, we work with clients every step of the way ensuring onboarding new services is as seamless as possible.

Final Thoughts

Consumers are ready and waiting for a better, more enriched experience on the mobile front. Contact us today to learn more about RCS.


[1] GSM Association

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