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mGage Launches Connectivity Hub for Social Messaging Applications

March 03, 2015

An over-the-top, social messaging hub for brands Today we’re launching our over-the-top (OTT) connectivity hub for brands to connect and engage with consumers over popular social messaging applications. It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen to debut this platform extension during the world’s greatest mobile event, Mobile World Congress, and timely connecting with the theme of Four Years […]

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Opt-In Status Operation

December 06, 2014

With the opt-in operation, customers can add a mobile phone number to an opt-in list. Opt-in lists are identified by their ID which is determined by examining the URL in Communicate Pro when viewing the opt-in list. Parameters listID: The ID of the opt-in list to which the mobile number should be removed numberToAdd: The mobile number […]

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