June 28, 2017

Auto Manufacturer Uses Personalized MMS Messages to Target Customers

One of the world’s largest luxury automotive companies was interested in new ways to maintain contact with owners after they make a purchase. In particular, they wanted to communicate information and special offers on maintenance and repairs available through their dealership. Convincing customers to come into the dealership for their service can have a significant impact on a dealership’s bottom line.

The automobile manufacturer chose mobile messaging as a method of communication because of its immediate impact and proven response rates. Working with mGage, they developed a campaign relying on our MMS capabilities along with the unique campaign management and individualization resources we provide.

Through the campaign, roughly 120,000 owners opted in to receive mobile notifications when making their car purchase. The manufacturer entered their mobile numbers into their database along with specific information about the car they purchase (such as the make and color).

Prior to the first snowfall of the year, each owner received a personalized MMS message depicting a picture of their car – the same year, make, model and color – with snow tires in winter conditions. The message also included a link for a discount on snow tires at their nearest dealership.

By personalizing the message, the manufacturer was able to create an experience that was engaging to their customers. The results reflected the powerful nature of this type of messaging. By the end of the program, 30 percent of recipients redeemed the offer, generating $45 million in revenues.

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Richard Manfredi
Richard Manfredi / Author

Richard Manfredi is the Content Marketing Manager at mGage. He has more than 15 years of marketing and public relations experience with clients in technology and is a former staff reporter for major daily newspapers.

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