May 22, 2017

Hotel Chain Provides Check-In Readiness Alerts Via SMS

A major budget hotel chain wanted to create a program to alert guests when their room is ready for check-in. Partnering with mGage, the hotel chain developed and implemented a successful campaign that was used by almost half of all customers booking rooms on their website in the first year of launch.


A major hotel chain with 870 properties – primarily in the United States along with Mexico and Canada – offers quality accommodations at affordable prices. The company’s recent marketing outreach has targeted business travelers who want a room with the amenities they need to work away from the office while still remaining budget-conscious. In 2013, corporate accounts generated 25 percent of the brand’s room revenue.

The hotel chain wanted to upgrade its technology to strengthen its engagement with customers and provide services that are particularly appealing to business travelers. This included a tenfold increase in the in-room Internet speed and the addition of the ability to “hold” a room for up to four hours with a phone number instead of a credit card before booking from the chain’s website.


As a next step in using technology to improve the satisfaction of customers, the chain wanted to alert guests when their room would be ready for check-in. Getting to the hotel only to find that it is not ready is an annoyance for all guests, but particularly for business travelers who often arrive at the hotel after lengthy travel and need to rest, change, get work done remotely or prepare for an upcoming meeting.

Uncertainty about the status of their room makes it difficult to schedule their travels and maximize their time in a city. This has been cited as one of the most significant pet peeves by business travelers on online surveys.

The hotel chain chose mGage as their partner to reach customers via messaging. mGage is a customer messaging platform for more than 250 brands and delivered 25 billion customer experiences. It features a dependable, scalable and easy-to-use platform with connectivity to all major U.S. carriers. The reliability of mGage’s platform means that clients feel comfortable that high-volume messaging campaigns will be delivered quickly and accurately.


Working with mGage, the hotel chain launched a first-of-its-kind alert system in 2014 that lets customers know the status of their room. When booking their room through the chain’s website, guests can enter in their expected arrival time and if they would like to receive an alert via SMS text and/or email on their room status. When their room is ready, they receive confirmation via their preferred methods of communication and know that they are able to check in and go directly to their room.

Three steps to room readiness alerts.


The alert system was an instant hit with guests. The company’s CEO said in 2014 that 45 percent of guests booking rooms on the hotel’s website from their desktop now use the service. The chain has used the campaign as a major selling point in marketing and advertising campaigns targeted toward business travelers since the launch of the program.

The success of the alert system has led the chain to launch new SMS campaigns with mGage. They have recently connected their loyalty program to text messaging, allowing members to perform functions like checking their points by sending a text.

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Kristen Degeis
Kristen Degeis / Administrator

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