June 27, 2017

mGage Boosts Satellite Radio Customer Care

The world’s largest satellite radio company relies on their large selection of specialized music stations to convince customers to use their monthly service. They needed a more convenient way for customers to refresh their radio signal to receive new stations or fix problems with their service. By delivering URLs through SMS, they have helped approximately 7,000 customers per day easily refresh their service and reduced calls to their customer support team.


The world’s largest satellite radio company has more than 30 million annual subscribers who pay for a service with more than 150 channels of music, sports, talk and other content. While the service is available through Internet streaming and standalone players, the majority of customers access the service through their car radio.

When a customer activates service, their car radio receives a signal from the company’s satellite. In some instances, they might need to have the signal resent – such as when a subscription changes or there is a technical issue with the receiver.

In order to have their radio “refreshed,” a customer needs to enter unique information (such as their vehicle’s VIN, their radio ID or the phone number associated with the account) into a form on the company’s website. This triggers the sending of a signal to refresh their radio and make sure it is up-to-date with all available channels.


Most people do not know their VIN or radio ID, creating frustration when they attempt to refresh their signal away from the car (such as from a home computer). Customers often resort to calling support to request a signal refresh because entering information into the online form is inconvenient.


mGage helped the satellite radio company by providing an SMS solution that allows customers to access the signal request form from a mobile device when they are in their car. They can request to receive a text from the company with a link to a mobile-friendly version of the signal refresh page. From there, they can enter the relevant information at their convenience and have the signal resent even if they are not near their vehicle.


Within the first three months of the program, the satellite radio company saw significant results. They were able to help 7,000 customers refresh the signal on their radios daily. This led to reduced calls to their customer support and a more convenient experience for their customers. Based on statistics from The US Contact Center HR & Operational Benchmarking Report 2016/2017 that place the median average cost of an inbound contact center call at $5.52, the company is potentially saving almost $40,000 daily through the use of SMS.

Text messaging makes sense as a customer service tool because it’s preferred by many customers:

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Kristen Degeis
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