June 27, 2017

Mystery Coupon Campaign Creates $2 Million in Incremental Sales

Gamification is a powerful marketing tool for brands looking to bring a new a level of excitement to their mobile marketing. Consumers enjoy the mystery of playing a game instead of receiving a coupon, or finding out which deal they are receiving from a choice of possible options. Gamification makes consumers active participants and creates an additional connection between them and a brand.

One of mGage’s clients looked to gamification during one of their busiest weekends of the year. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, the national discount clothing retailer wanted to build their subscriber base for opt-in mobile marketing along with increasing in-store sales.

Working with mGage, they created a program where customers could text LOVE to their short code SMS number. In return, the customer would receive one of three weighted offers ranging from free clothes to discounts on purchases.

Over the course of four days, more than 120,000 people opted into the program. 89% of those were new subscribers who had never been a part of the retailer’s marketing list. In all, the specials associated with the SMS coupons lead to $2 million in incremental sales with an average of four units per transaction – both exceeding the brand’s goals.


Richard Manfredi
Richard Manfredi / Author

Richard Manfredi is the Content Marketing Manager at mGage. He has more than 15 years of marketing and public relations experience with clients in technology and is a former staff reporter for major daily newspapers.

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