January 18, 2021

“The broadcast and media industry should leverage the power of mobile messaging to accelerate customer interaction,” says mGage

London UK, 18 January 2021 – “Radio, TV and On-demand operators should adopt innovative mobile messaging solutions, to grow larger audiences, capture higher rates of engagement and increase revenues within the broadcast and media sector,” advised Nick Millward, VP Europe at mGage.

With the industry seeing fierce competition for customers due to a wider variety of viewing and listening platforms, it is imperative that broadcasters adapt their customer service in line with audience expectations. By meeting demands for more personalized and engaging communication, organizations can achieve greater interaction and reach more people.

Although SMS remains a great channel for increasing revenue and engagement, Millward believes broadcasters can set themselves apart with next-generation Rich Communication Services (RCS). Incorporating multimedia and chatbot functionalities, RCS allows brands to bring messages to life, without the need to download additional applications.

With convenience and customer retention in mind, TV broadcasters could reap the rewards that RCS messaging brings offering more interactive services such as sending TV guides or video teasers of new upcoming shows, so users simply click to watch live content. Broadcasters could also use RCS to activate interactive polls and voting or to deliver loyalty reward programs. All of which will keep customers engaged and in turn increase customer retention.

“In a sector where there is increasing pressure to achieve greater interaction, it is crucial that businesses understand the potential of RCS,” added Millward. “With 82 percent of users preferring RCS to SMS due to its attractive nature, it is clear that RCS will be vital to the success of the future of broadcast.”

Following the launch of a world-first solution which sees seamless mobile payments integrated within the mGage RCS channel, the possibilities for broadcast and media companies to monetize services through mobile payments are game-changing. For instance, radio stations can simply facilitate competition entries, while streaming services can offer day passes with quick and convenient payment methods.

Providing a seamless transaction experience, mobile payment channels such as Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and Premium SMS billing have been shown to achieve seven times higher conversion rates compared to those that require a credit or debit card – a trend set to continue as convenience and ease become more important to consumers.

Push Notifications are another method that brands should consider for achieving smarter reach, added Millward. Push Notifications can complement an app, with the message being delivered to the mobile device without the user having to be in the mobile app itself. It allows broadcast companies to send timely, relevant notifications to their customers – whether it is to let them know about any upcoming broadband package deals or as a reminder for the start of a program. Broadcasters can also increase chances of entry and cost savings for customer competitions by sending an SMS or Push Notification once entry opens.

A strong and varied communications strategy – utilizing a mix of mobile messaging channels including RCS, SMS or Push Notifications – will prove vital to the survival of Radio, TV and On-demand services. By incorporating a multitude of platforms, broadcast companies can ensure audience figures grow, while guaranteeing new streams of revenue through more engaging and interactive content.

About mGage, a Vivial Company

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