February 17, 2021

mGage Grows Revenue 28% in 2020 as Customers Ramp Up Text Messaging to Reduce Pandemic Impact

mGage®, an industry-leading mobile engagement provider, announced today that revenue grew by 28% year over year, marking the highest revenue in its twenty-one-year history. The announcement comes in the wake of a record- breaking year in 2019 which enabled the company to invest heavily in its people, systems, and global infrastructure. These efforts laid the groundwork for expansion into new markets and new customers with innovative, client-focused mobile solutions in 2020.

“2020 was a testament to the power of text messaging to help brands connect with customers and send critical updates quickly,” said Denisse Goldbarg, COO of mGage. “We are incredibly fortunate to celebrate yet another record-breaking year and credit our customers and employees for surpassing expectations in the face of unprecedented times.”

As demand for texting increased, mGage expanded its international presence in Brazil, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Spain, among other countries last year. The investments in reliability, uptime, and scalability paid off by allowing mGage to support a dramatic increase in messaging traffic. Traffic grew 43% year over year as the company reacted quickly to support customers in a rapidly evolving landscape, including connecting communities with local public health resources through CareSignal’s Covid Companion and powering the U.K. public sector’s efforts to distribute critical communication via text.

“Our continued investments in our infrastructure, people, and processes allow us the flexibility to support customer needs regardless of unpredictable times,” remarked Jim Barnes, Chief Technology Officer at mGage. “mGage is fully prepared to lead the industry in reliability amid such explosive A2P mobile messaging growth.”

As part of its commitment to leading the industry in customer support and reliability, mGage follows the highest standards of data privacy and cybersecurity. The mobile engagement provider achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 with zero nonconformities and findings, defying the difficulties of completing the audit in a pandemic environment.

The efforts did not go unnoticed. mGage was honored as a Top API Solutions Provider and Company of the Year by CIO Applications. mGage also rolled out several new products, including its advanced reporting and analytics suite mView 360™, an enhanced transcoding engine and content management solution that improves the efficiency of MMS messaging, Google Verified SMS and a first-of-its-kind solution to bring Mobile Payments within the Rich Communication Services (RCS) channel.

Whether enabling contactless pickup or sending critical alerts, text messaging gives brands innovative ways to support their customers and keep in close contact. Text messaging will only continue to grow in popularity, and mGage is well-positioned to support increased traffic and innovative use cases. The team is hopeful that another record-breaking year is on the horizon for 2021.

About mGage

mGage is a global mobile engagement provider helping brands create powerful and interactive connections with customers. We partner with enterprises to deliver high volume time-sensitive promotional and transactional messages across key messaging channels including SMS, Push and RCS. We serve 1,000+ enterprises and are a trusted connection for more than 600 carriers across the globe. Our broad and deep expertise in the ever-changing mobile technology industry makes us sought-after experts, trusted advisors and the go-to partner for innovative companies that look to use mobile to their best competitive advantage. For more information, visit mGage.com.


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