December 16, 2020

mGage Honored as a Top API Solutions Provider and Company of the Year by CIO Applications

NEW YORK, NY. mGage®, an industry-leading mobile engagement provider, today announced it was honored as the Company of the Year among the Top Ten API Solutions Providers in this year’s special API Edition from CIO Applications.

“Today, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is becoming essential for businesses to stay operational. In this trying time, application program interfaces (APIs) are proving to be vital for supporting seamless digital transformation initiatives. mGage is helping companies create new pathways for growth and innovation.” says Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications.

mGage stands out in the mobile messaging industry as one of a small handful of Tier 1 Aggregators with direct connections to all major wireless carriers in the US. Its enterprise-grade APIs enable customers to connect text messaging capabilities to existing applications without extensive development. This enables brands to reach consumers across the globe with a straightforward and flexible solution.

“As we work to provide our customers with the messaging solutions they need to thrive amid new challenges, we recognize the importance of continuing to innovate,” says Denisse Goldbarg, Global Chief Operating Officer of mGage. “Being recognized as the Company of the Year within the API Solutions Provider category is an affirmation of the effort we put forth every day to support our customers.”

“The power of text messaging has never been clearer than it is in today’s climate,” comments Jim Barnes, CIO of mGage. “The engagement rate of text messaging is unmatched by other digital channels, and we are proud to help enterprises stay connected to their customers in this difficult time.”

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About mGage

mGage is a global mobile engagement provider helping brands create powerful and interactive connections with customers.  We partner with enterprises to deliver high volume time-sensitive promotional and transactional messages across key messaging channels including SMS, Push and RCS. We serve 1,000+ enterprises and are a trusted connection for more than 600 carriers across the globe.  Our broad and deep expertise in the ever-changing mobile technology industry makes us sought-after experts, trusted advisors and the go-to partner for innovative companies that look to use mobile to their best competitive advantage. For more information, visit


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