July 09, 2020

Securing A2P SMS Business Messaging

As members of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), the mGage team worked alongside our industry colleagues at MEF looking into how to secure A2P SMS business messaging. We have been in the mobile messaging industry for over 20 years, and as a Tier 1 aggregator, we wanted to share our insights into building trusted messaging relationships.

“At mGage our position is that SMS aggregators play a significant role in helping to establish and maintain a Trusted Messaging Relationship between brands and their customers. Trusted Messaging is not solely about the technical security of SMS and the well-proven SS7 risk mitigation strategies which have been extensively outlined but is also about content compliance and identity, both for the brand and for the customer.”

Download today to read all the insights from our CIO Jim Barnes and the entire MEF whitepaper.


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