January 27, 2021

Mobile Predictions in 2021: Mastering Consumer Preferences Webinar

In 2020 we discovered new ways technology can simplify our lives and help us stay connected. Consumers turned to mobile technology for convenience, and many brands embraced it as a new marketing channel. While we’re glad to leave 2020 behind us, many of the changes we’ve witnessed in consumer behavior are here to stay. Brands that have lagged behind this global digital transformation must catch up quickly.

This 30-minute webinar recording will give you insight into 2021 mobile marketing predictions and how brands across all industries use text messaging to pivot their communication strategy and stay connected with customers.

It covers…

  • Marketplace predictions
  • Trends across industries
  • Campaign ideas and use cases
  • Tips for getting started with messaging

…and more! Fill out the form on the right to view the webinar recording.


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