March 10, 2021

Quick Start Guide to Verified SMS

Consumers receive more messages on more channels than ever before, making it harder to know which messages are legitimate. Verified SMS allows consumers to quickly recognize your brand as trustworthy and helps protect your business from fraudulent attacks.

Verified SMS, or vSMS, is a feature of Google Messages that adds sender verification and branding to a business’s SMS programs. It works by verifying, on a per-message basis, that messages are sent by the company they claim to be from. When a message is verified, users see the sender’s business name, logo, and a verification badge at the top of the message thread.

This guide gives an overview of the basics of vSMS, including…

– How it works
– Features and benefits
– What happens if a message can’t be verified
– FAQs
– How to get started

and more! If you’re ready to start leveraging the power of Verified SMS to reach your customers, fill out the form on the right to download your copy of our guide. 


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