January 18, 2021

RCS: Introducing Next-Level Business Communication

79% of consumers find the features of RCS business messaging appealing.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) takes text messaging to the next level by enabling custom branding, rich media, suggested responses, advanced analytics, and more. RCS’s new richer, interactive content presents an opportunity to communicate and engage customers and prospects in ways your competitors are not. This eBook provides…

  1. An overview of RCS
  2. Features and benefits
  3. Business and consumer statistics
  4. How to get started

…and more! If you’re ready to get ahead of the competition by enhancing your business messaging with RCS, download our eBook using the form on the right. 


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In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation that was already taking place. Some of these shifts will continue for years to come. How will brands continue to support changing consumer preferences through mobile messaging in 2021?

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