Mobile User Information

mGage Mobile User Information

As part of mGage’s services, we may receive information from wireless carriers, operators, or our clients, such as an end user’s mobile phone number. In some limited instances, additional information such as a user’s geographic location, a personal identification number (PIN), or a mailing address is also provided. Additionally, we process message content from our clients which may contain personal information on behalf of a mobile end user. mGage does not create this content nor is it responsible for the content sent or received by our clients or any end user; we are simply the passive conduit through which the content is sent. Regardless, our agreements with our clients ensure that the client has the ultimate responsibility to obtain any and all required “opt-ins” or other consent(s) from end users prior to such information being sent. Any mobile user information collected pursuant to the above is governed by the mGage Data Privacy Policy as well as mGage’s internal policies regarding confidential and personally identifiable information. We also include specific provisions in the contracts with our clients to ensure that responsibility for compliance-related obligations and message content is within their control. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact

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