Use mGage’s LBS capabilities to reach customers at the right place and time.
2x Higher Clickthrough Rates

Geofencing and geotargeting advertising campaigns result in clickthrough rates that are two times higher than the industry average.

Source: Search Engine Land

Use mGage’s LBS capabilities to reach customers at the right place and time.


Brands can use mGage’s LBS capabilities to trigger coupons and other information via Push based on a recipient’s current location. There may also be instances when you want customers to receive the same message at the same local time regardless of their location. mGage’s LBS services enable dayparting, allowing you to schedule the delivery of messages to arrive exactly when it is relevant for customers.

mGage’s LBS services also allow you to use past history to better understand and target your customers. You can segment customers based on how often they visit a venue or geographic location and use this information to automatically send customized messages such as coupons or information on sales.

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